Thursday, 8 April 2010

Say the right thing when electioneering

Please would you like to vote for A Film about Poo?

It's in the Babelgum Online Film Festival, and if you go along to the website here you will see it there. Give it a thumbs up! Or not. But preferably do. You could also take a look at this one about singing dustbin bags. It looks like paper cut out animation, which I do like a lot. Lovely colours too, and excellent music. Another one with very good sound design is Yonder.

Should I be saying these things? Maybe I should be telling you that ours is the only one worth voting for, and if you don't vote for it and you don't play nice I will never speak to you again? Would that work? I am not good at these things.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Beatles & the Stones made it good to be alone

Well, A Film about Poo will be showing this month at a couple of places around the world. World domination people, that's what it's about. Anywhoo, one of these screenings is at the East End Film Festival, which is in lovely London. I looked at the programme today and on the same bill as us is the wonderful film, Mixtape by Luke Snellin.

I watched this film last night, having heard about it on BBC 6Music a few weeks ago, and it is just ace. I wish I had made it. It's a sweet, sweet story about a little boy who makes a mixtape for a little girl. It's very short, which is a bit rare for "short" live action films, which I think helps make it brilliant. It's not indulgent or trying to hard to fit too much in. The production values and the acting are also very good... But mostly, it's just a lovely story. I have many times been a-wooing with a mixtape in hand. I hope Luke Snellin goes on to make more stuff this good; I'm really pleased to be in the same category as him. Watch Mixtape and love it too!!