Thursday, 22 March 2012

Listen to Iron Maiden baby with me

Sunday 1st of April is Palm Sunday, and it is also the day of the Teenage Market in Stockport. This is the first year for this event, and it's been set up and run by Tom Barratt who is a local college student. That is quite impressive organisational skills there, I did not thinking of doing such things when I was at college, but I think it's a really enterprising idea. Screen Stockport are also supporting the event, which is cool cos we like them already. (Our opinion being not at all influenced by the fact they awarded Spin Spun Span with a bunch of accolades last year, ahem...)

Anyways, I'm sure you can guess what I'm going to say next - Emily and I will be running a stall at the market. As ever we shall be selling our hodge podge of crafty-illustrationy-animationy bits and bobs. I think it will be both of us too, unless Emily is house hunting. Do come along and check out the rest of the market too - there's loads of other stalls selling arty things, clothing things, vintage things - plus workshops in photography, live music, all sorts! I think it looks like it'll be really good.

Emily and I will also be mentors (!) at the market. This means you can come up to us and ask us stuff about the crazy world of animation freelance, and we shall attempt to give non-babbly "advice".

Check out the website for details of when, where, and who: The Teenage Market.

In a related note, we've also stocked up our online shop, oh yes!

Monday, 12 March 2012

His hands are busy, working overtime

If you're in Birmingham, perhaps you might like to toddle along to Flatpack Film Festival. We screened there in their mobile cinema last year, and they've asked us to screen again - this time it's Spin Spun Span. Our film will be showing in a specially curated programme called A Life's Work, a collection of shorts about people who work with their hands. I think the films will be primarily documentaries, so it's quite cool to be part of a different sort of line up.

Flatpack Film Festival takes places from 14-18th March. Whoo!