Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I don’t think Fritz Lang was a fantasist

Anne is going to Vienna in June, would you like to hang out with her? Well, you can if you sign up for one of the workshops at Tricky Women Animation Summer!

We've shown our films at past editions of the Tricky Women Animation Festival, and a couple of weeks ago they contacted us about doing a workshop. And thus, Anne will be teaching a 5-day class called "Drawn-Digital Animation Collaboration". Which basically means we'll be making a short 2D animation together, mixing up different styles of animation and different processes both traditional and digital. The resulting film will be based on Marge Piercy's The secretary chant, which she has very kindly given permission to use. It is a fantastic poem; have a read:

The secretary chant

My hips are a desk, 
From my ears hang 
chains of paper clips. 
Rubber bands form my hair. 
My breasts are quills of 
mimeograph ink. 
My feet bear casters, 
Buzz. Click. 
My head is a badly organized file. 
My head is a switchboard 
where crossed lines crackle. 
Press my fingers 
and in my eyes appear 
credit and debit. 
Zing. Tinkle. 
My navel is a reject button. 
From my mouth issue canceled reams. 
Swollen, heavy, rectangular 
I am about to be delivered 
of a baby 
Xerox machine. 
File me under W 
because I wonce 
a woman.

You can sign up for Anne's workshop, or indeed any of the others, at this link right here to the Animation Summer website.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

I wanna pack cute little lunches then read Danielle Steel

About a month ago we finished making a film for North West Libraries. It's part of the Time to Read initiative, and seems to have gone down well, they've even written up a report on its implementation and success in the region! If you enjoy information, you can read it here.

And if you like watching things, you can see the film here: