Thursday, 30 June 2011

Everybody loves to love a winner

...Well not quite a winner, but a runner-up, for Spin Spun Span was shortlisted for Shooting People's May Film of the Month prize, thanks to many people's nice votes. The top three were judged by filmmaker Lena Dunham, and whilst she did not choose us as her number one, she said:

“Evocative, feels handmade in just the right way. Very lovely.”

Thank you kindly, Lena Dunham.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Put the book back on the shelf

We're going to be at two zine fayres coming up in the next two weeks. The first is tomorrow: Zine Fest at the Women's Library in London. Reena will be hosting the Nest stall, which will have some of our zines and whatnot, and in fact I believe Editions of You will also be there with a stall and copies of A Book about Poo and Now We Are. Domination!

The second event is the Bradford Zine Fayre, a week tomorrow on the 2nd July, and appropriatey held in Bradford. I will be hosting the stall there, and selling our zines, including the new titles Expectations and Hentakoi. We'll also have some zines by our friends, including Reena's new one, Eight Meals a Day. Here's some pictures from the new zines...

Hentakoi: colourful drawings of good spirits.

Expectations: colour and black and white portraits of girls at school.

Eight Meals a Day: black and white on coloured paper, drawings of good food.

As a side note, our online shop is super-close to being up and running, so soon you will be able to buy these treats online as well as at various fayres... Soon-ish.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Underground, overground

We won Best London Filmmakers! Thank you very much to the Wimbledon Shorts judges. Spin Spun Span's first award, hooray!!

The judges said the film was "Glorious, charming and very enjoyable".  Very happy.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Just being around you offers me another form of relief

Short notice here, but we've got a screening of the Poo film tomorrow in South London. Roto Reliefs will be showing our animation alongside some live actions shorts at the Roxy from 7pm. Here's a poster to prove it:

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

We make the dirt go flying with the shovels and hoes

What does this wreath mean? It means we have been officially selected for this year's Rushes Soho Shorts, and that is ace. You can see Spin Spun Span at the festival, in the Animation Competition at some point in late July. I am not sure when because they have not finalised the program. Spin Spun Span has got into a few festivals recently, including Wimbledon Short Film Festival, where it has been shortlisted for the Best Film prize. That is in June, on the 18th, how exciting!

Also in June is the Wellcome Trust's Dirt exhibition, where A Film about Poo will be showing in a special screening curated by Encounters! I just sent off the tape to them yesterday. The screening will be June 19th, the day after the Wimbledon screening, and also Father's Day. I wish I could go, but I can't afford to go back to London at the moment, having been back quite recently. I am very pleased though because I had already seen posters for the exhibition on the tube, and thought it looked good, and now we are in it! Thanks to Encounters for thinking of us for the program.

And that's not all! Spin Spun Span will also be showing in competition at Anima Mundi Animation Festival in Brazil, in July. I would also really love to go to Brazil, but that is not happening either. So many screenings, so little time (and money). Maybe next year!