Thursday, 24 June 2010

I only buy a book for the way it looks, and then I stick it on the shelf again

If you are in the vicinity of Camerwell this weekend, I strongly recommend going to this: it's the FoodFace Travel Solutions at Camerberwell Arts Festival. Thrillingly, our zine Now we are, will be on sale there at the reading stall, run by Aspidistra & the Pigeon Wing. Have I mentioned our zine before? I can't remember. It's about growing up, it's got a couple of stories, a bunch of illustrations, full colour, and a CD too of songs by Billy. It's lovely.

Here is a very nice poster, which doesn't mention us, but that is cos we snuck in there as a late addition.

As ever, we have the lovely Reena at Nest Gallery to thank for this show. Thank you Reena!!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

One roll for the whole shebang

A Film about Poo has been nominated for an award! In July, we'll all be going to the Limelight Arts Awards in London - Emily and I, Billy and Tom, and Dayo (who helped with the music at the start), and lovely Mat (of FX & Mat genius). We are up for Best Animation, how awesome. The ceremony takes place at the Troxy in London, and we do already have our dresses picked out. (Yellow and green for Emily, pink for me. Or maybe yellow and grey. Then we would be matching! Or too matchy matchy? Hmm...) I'm really looking forward to seeing the other films, especially the other three animations in our category, I've not seen any of them before. There will be food too I believe, and I am especially hoping there will be prawns.

Cross your fingers for us! (For the winning, rather than the prawns. If there are no prawns I will get by.)

Friday, 18 June 2010


Wowee I have updated our website!


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Rock and roll

Here is a post about lovely Billy, super talented musician and composer.

Billy has done the music and sound design for this new viral for New Balance trainers. It has some lovely banjo in it, which accompanies some lovely stop motion. I strongly urge you to watch it, and I have dutifully made it very easy for you to so, because I have embedded it here...

Props to Kim too, for some very sweet animation.