Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Happy news

One of the best things ever happened a little while ago, but I didn't mention it in case it turned out to be a dream. Anyway, it's definite now, so mention it I shall: Emily and I have been commissioned to make a film. This is very wonderful for us as we have never been commissioned or funded before to make anything. It's going to be a five minute animation for Bolton Museum, celebrating their industrial textile past. They are refurbishing their local history section, and wanted a new piece of art for it, so we pitched for it, and won it, and here we are. I really am so excited about it, I am just holding back on ending every sentence here with an exclamation mark.

I guess I will put up designs and developments and stuff as we go along - the film will be completed by September, and the private view is around October I think. We're working on the animatic at the moment. In the meantime here is a picture of me taken by Emily, as we did some research in the Museum Archives.

Blue gloves, very important.

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