Saturday, 22 January 2011

London Short Film Festival 2011

Well, Emily, Mat and I went to the London Short Film Festival the other week. It was good. We did not win. You could have guessed that really, because I would have mentioned it a little earlier if we had. Well anyway. We liked a lot of the stuff in the Music & Video screening, but there were definite favourites... this one:

It's very cute, and a little crazy. I love the bird people in it who give directions. I really like all the mixtures of animation together, and the cats' natural acting ability. The film is called In Spain and it is by Kent Hugo.

Then there was also another one which was my joint favourite. It was called No More Milk by Dan Squared, which is a duo made of Dan Heaver and Dan Saunders. That was a brilliant film. It was live action, and it had Bon Iver on the soundtrack, and it was about an old lady in a bath of milk. That doesn't sound all that exciting, but it was just brilliantly made, and a very touching story.

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