Sunday, 28 August 2011

Working the village shop, putting a poster up

Our Folksy online shop is now, finally, stocked up with some stuff! We've got zines and books, magnets, postcards - all the sorts you would expect from Emily and I. Come buy here!


  1. I love your stuff, have you considered selling on etsy, I'd definitely buy !


  2. Hi Beci,

    We do have most of our stuff for sale on our Folksy shop:

    It's basically the British version of Etsy, so everything is in £ rather than $, and it's free to join. If you're in London or Sheffield, we have some fairs coming up in the next two weeks where we'll be selling our stuff too. If you're really attached to Etsy, just send me an email with what you'd like and I can put up an item especially for you, as technically I do have an Etsy account too! We just decided to focus our shop on one rather than the other. But thank you for your nice comment, and I'm really glad you like our stuff!!

    anne "at" emilyandanne dot co dot uk

  3. Also, good luck on your art foundation, and yes yes yes Owen Pallett is amazing!