Saturday, 25 August 2012

If you're digging the past, who knows what you'll find

Remember Hum, our new film? We feel like we've neglected it slightly, but only because we've been busy at other studios over these last few months. Anyway, guess what, I have some Hum news!

Hum is part of Digging Deep, which is a big creative project thingy that encompasses social media things, zines, illustration, pyjama parties, and will culminate in a play at Contact Theatre next Spring. It's all interactive, and if you want to take part, and thus become part of the play and the whole creative process (all engineered by playwright/poet Nikky Norton Shafau), then you should click here:

There's various fun, random challenges which relate to the themes around Digging Deep, and which will feed into the play, which is still being developed. You'll also earn rewards for taking part...oooh enigmatic creativity...

More Hum news soon, I promise...

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