Wednesday, 3 October 2012

See you gotta work it out

Emily and I have recently been accepted onto this new pilot scheme called FilmWorks. It's a development/mentoring programme for producers/directors who have made a start and got into festivals and whatnot, and are looking for the next step. So that's us to a tee! haha.

The programme has three divisions based in Sheffield, Nottingham and Bristol, with 15 participants at each hub; we're in Sheffield. It all kicked off at Encounters Short Film Festival in Bristol, with a live stream of events. Each session will take place at a different hub, with a different masterclass being streamed and beamed across the miles for everyone to see. Modern technology...

We met the other participants at the first session a couple of weeks ago, and have since attended the second. The programme runs until Christmas, and our plan is to use it to develop at least one of the many ideas lodged in our heads, with hopefully an animatic and a full creative package ready to show off by the end.

Along the way, both Emily and I are blogging about the experience - as indeed are all FilmWorks participants - so, in case you're interested, you can read more about my thoughts here, and Emily's thoughts here. And why wouldn't you be interested, when all of our thoughts are so interesting?

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