Monday, 29 November 2010

I said, "Woof! Be mine!" and you gave a wail

Emily and I have made a new zine, Les petits chiens en costume. The title is in French - not because we are pretentious, but because Emily's boyfriend is French, and he will like it.

As the title will suggest to the bilingual among you, the zine is a book of illustrations of dogs wearing clothes. For £2.50 you can buy the concertina zine from dear Reena Makwana at the Nest Gallery - they will have a stall at this year's Sister Sledge Christmas fair on the 11th December at the Sassoon Gallery in Peckham, London. There are eight different front covers, so feel free to collect them all, like tazos or pokemons. Also, the illustrations are hand-finished, in colour!

Here are some pictures:

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