Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I'd pay to visit you on rainy Sundays

The night before I flew off to Chicago, Emily and I attended the private view of Spin Spun Span at Bolton Museum & Archives. It was really interesting to see the new gallery complete and with our funny little film showing as one of the exhibits. Would you like to see it? Well you can now, and I think if you go the Museum's website you are bound to find instructions on how to do so.

Here are some photos we took on the night:

Some people watching the film.

Some of our merchandise in the Museum shop. Badges, flipbooks, letter writing sets, jewellery and postcards too, although you can't see the postcards here.

Emily and I, looking a little bedraggled, but at least we are colour co-ordinated. It was yellow that day. We are happy because we have read our names. Simple pleasures.


  1. Great to see Emily and Anne next to the Modern History - Every Visit tells a story logo. Modern History promotes the best of the Northwest's industrial heritage, for more information on museums, mills, railways, canal boat rides go to www.modernhistory.co.uk

    Love the Spin Spun Span film a very innovative contemporary way to tell this story!

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