Thursday, 5 May 2011

There you have my vote; I'm catching the next boat out of here

We've entered Spin Spun Span in to Shooting People's Film of the Month competition, which signals another plea for you to click on a link. Would you like to click here please thank you, and watch and vote a thumbs up for us?

Animations hardly ever win Shooting People, which is sad, and I don't think representative of animation being made by Shooting People members. I'm not necessarily saying that Spin Spun Span should win (ALTHOUGH OBVIOUSLY IT SHOULD), but it would be nice if an animation got in the top 3 for once. The last animation I remember winning was by Robin Bushell (who actually graduated the year below me at Kingston) with Zoo, which is a really lovely animation about a school trip. Watch that too, cos it's good. And watch ours! And vote. I think that was my main point.

Look how pretty Spin Spun Span is:

Now vote! Please.

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