Thursday, 18 March 2010

A Brief History of Thrillseeking

Exciting times, readers. I finished a job the other day for BBC Learning. Would you like to see it? Yes, yes, I'm sure you would. Well it's right here, and also erm, right here:

Very nice.

And lookit, some design work:

The video is based on this one here by Jamie Bell (no not that one). Jamie is doing is A levels and already has the BBC knocking at his door, so I am not particularly worried about his pension scheme. However, as he is currently in full-time education, the BBC got me to adapt and animate his original idea to fit their new one, i.e. publicising their new thrillseeking website.

It is quite funny that I animated something to do with sports and exercise and physical movement. Part of my research was googling exactly what "hang-gliding" looked like. For those of you who do not know me personally, the point I am making is that I don't seek thrills. I just draw.

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