Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I would hide under your porch

Billy went on the internet this evening and he discovered some online references to our Poo film, which I did not know even existed!

1. Flatpack Film Festival highlighted our screening on their blog!

2. The Sanctuary Newspaper believes we have "sage advice"!

3. Animation blog likes both Poo and The Psychiatrist! Lovely, lovely people!

I am so excited because not only do all of these people like the Poo, but none of them are blood relations/lovers/friends/paid off. Amazing. Billy also said there were some tweets relating to the film on Babelgum. I don't do tweeting, but I like their little blue bird logo, so this too is great. I feel happy, like this:

Once, at a festival, I overheard someone discussing our film, but they were slagging it off. They said it was "overrated". To be honest, this was also sort of amazing.


  1. I found a mention of Sun In The Night Time on someone's blog the other day, I think I was googling your name.

    Also, I like visiting your blog because I enjoy the picture of Lady and The Tramp.

  2. Ahhhh! I knew you would. I looked the other day on ebay for DVDs of Lady & the Tramp, cos I need to upgrade my VHS copy - £20!!! For a second hand childrens DVD! Godamn Disney.

    I will check out this blog. I want to be an internet sensation dammit!!