Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

Emily and I are very, very happy because A Film about Poo won the Audience Award for 8-14 year olds at New York International Childrens Film Festival!! Hurrah!!

We were up against some really big films - some of the other winners included Cordell Barker's Runaway (Canadian!) and Studio AKA's Lost & Found. This is a lot for my mind to compute, as Barker's The Cat Came Back is one my most favouritest films ever, and Lost & Found was shown at Christmas on Channel 4! I remember Emily talking about watching it! So, considering we made the Poo film after work in the evenings and on weekends, sitting on the floor in Emily's bedroom, this really means a lot. To illustrate this, I will now post a photo which Emily took of me being happy being near a poster about The Cat Came Back:

This photo was taken in Ottawa, which the geographically-minded amongst you will recognise as not being New York. A photo from New York would probably be more appropriate at this point, but sadly there are none in existence, as we did not go.

We both really wanted to go to the Festival - for one thing it being in Noo Yoik, and Emily and I always enjoy speaking to each other in terrible New York accents. But also because the line up looked fantastic. There was a screening on scary children's animation which I really, really wanted to see. And In the Attic, which won the big award there, looked like it could be one of the best things ever made. I will endevour to check out lots of these titles on the inteweb at a later date. In the meantime, we are very, very pleased to win this one, so thank you to everyone in the audience who voted for us!

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