Saturday, 27 February 2010

A pretty picture

Susie from BFI sent us some photos taken at the BFI Future Film Festival award ceremony, so I thought I would share. Then I looked through the pictures and decided I looked stupid in most of them. This one picture has passed my intense scrutiny, so enjoy.

Evidently I need to purchase a comb.

Also, hello to our one and only follower, HELLO!


  1. Hi, I've been reading yuor blog. How do you follow a blog on this site? I can't find a button.



  2. Hello Stacey, thanks for reading.

    I took off the followers button because I was embarrassed because there was only 2 there, so that is why there is no 'follow' button. I feel pretty stupid now... So I will put it back on now and it will be along the side on the right. You have to be patient with me, apparently I am not very technologically advanced.

    I really hope you subscribe now, or I am going to feel even more embarrassed.