Friday, 19 February 2010

Canary Wharf Film Festival

Emily drew my attention to these pictures yesterday. As she said, it is always strange to see photos of yourself you never knew were even taken. So it is the case here. Last September (so, er, almost six months ago), A Film about Poo was shown at the awesome Canary Wharf Film Festival. Obviously this isn't really news, but the existence of the photos is! And here's one now!

Aw, lookit, it's Emily. Look how happy she is! That's because she is up collecting our award - the "Sing like a Canary Award", otherwise known as the audience's favourite film award, as voted for by said audience. Emily said she didn't even hear our name being called out, because she was "busy making sure I got the food in my mouth without spilling it". Brilliant. 

I was not at the awards night because I was moving house, and was thus 200 miles away.

I could put in some more photos of the drinks reception and whatnot (which were taken by Stefan Ferreira), but that was the best one, so we'll leave it at that. Oh but I will put this one in; this is what the awards look like:

Little canaries! 


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