Thursday, 25 February 2010

I wanna fly and run til it hurts, sleep for a while and speak no words

A Film about Poo will be showing at Melbourne International Animation Festival 2010! Hurrah!

MIAF is a bigun, so this is supercool news! The festival is in June, they haven't got their full programme announced yet, but I bet it will be very awesome. Here is a picture of Australia. Marvel at its bigness!

Would Emily and I like to go?
Yes, yes we would.

Do we have enough money to get there?
No, no we don't.

Would anyone like to chuck us a couple of Australian air fares? We could fly Oceanic. It could be like this:

(Welcome to one of our crazed obsessions.)

I can't write anymore about animation because I have this in my mind now. I can't concentrate.

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