Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Mogul and the Prawn are nice, nice people

I got an email ages ago from a music production company called Mogul & the Prawn. Somehow this email became lost in the innards of my inbox, and it wasn't until the other day that I found it. I forwarded it to Billy Payne, maestro extraordinaire, and he emailed them. Well, apparently Tris, who I think is the titular prawn, is a lovely, lovely guy. He wrote back and said he'd help Billy with any advice he needed about music making. They spoke on the phone today.

So this post is mainly just to tell you that there are good people out there in the big, bad world of "media". The kindness of strangers... (I love Vivien Leigh.)

Also, I should add, if you wish to employ Billy Payne, maestro extraordinaire, then get in touch. He has composed basically all the music and sound on our animations (in collaboration with Tom and Dayo).

I have other news, but I'm holding onto it. I feel like I should space things out in case nothing happens ever again. I say "news", it isn't really, it's just stuff that happens.


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