Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Say the right thing when electioneering part 2

I find promoting our film really hard and a bit annoying. I like entering in festivals, but when I get there I am quite shy. We were lucky to have Tom with us at the Limelight Awards, cos he was the one who made us get our photo taken. Tom is really good with things like that. I am just good at drawing. I am not even good at telling people I know that we won something.

But here we are again! We've entered A Film about Poo into the Virgin Media Shorts competition, and it would be lovely to be shortlisted. To get shortlisted you need to have lots of views and lots of comments on your film. So, although it's a bit vulgar to ask, would anyone like to watch our film and then write something nice? Anyone? Anyone?

Here is the link:

Here's a picture of Thumper.

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