Wednesday, 15 September 2010

He is the music man, he comes from round your way


Billy was awarded a lovely certificate on Sunday at the Walthamstow International Film Festival. The certificate was to congratulate Billy for being a great human being, but in particular for being a great musical human being. And also Tom! But Tom wasn't there because he was with his girlfriend.

Billy and Tom wrote the Poo film's song together, in case you didn't know. Billy performed and recorded the song, and that is what you hear throughout our strange animation. I've put the film up for musical prizes before, but there are not many to be honest - there are often categories for music videos, but ours is not a music video, it just has amazing music. I think it would be good if more festivals did recognise musical contribution. It is hard work composing music and designing sound, you've got to have a talent for it - and I have seen a lot of films really ruined by awful sound (although I think the director is as much at fault there)... Anyway, Walthamstow, in their wisdom, have recognised the wonderfulness of the Poo song, and so I am very happy for Billy and Tom. Well done! You both really deserve it!

Here is a photo of Billy with his parents. I think he looks wonderful.

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