Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Like Kurasawa I make mad films

We finished!

A week ago, Billy handed in the finished film to Dan at Bolton Museum & Archives. It's finished!

I waited a week with this momentous news, mainly because I was very tired. The film is now signed off, I have just taken down our shot list, and I will be putting it in the recycling because I am good like that. A few months ago I wrote up a long list of all our shots, the type of animation needed, and spaces to tick off if that animation had been animated, if it had been comped, and if it had been completed. But now it is all completed! I walked past that shot list every day, sometimes fearfully, other times hopefully.

Emily, Billy and I are all really pleased with the finished film, Spin Spun Span. It will premiere at Bolton Museum & Archives' reopening of the local history collection, which will also be its permanent home. It will be part of the permanent art collection! I find that very exciting.

Here is a production shot to say goodbye:

After Effects...ooooh. Ha! This is from a bit from the second half of the film. It shows strips of patterns from different cloths, and they roll down with the camera, as it pans down to the fly shuttle. 

Anyway, that's enough excitement for one day. To summarise: the film is finished! Hooray!

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